new look


Yesterday was a perfect day for a big change!:D




How do you like my new look?:D


It’s RIRI red:D It looks like red in the morning & like pink in the night

My hair is MAGIC😀




I coloured my hair at Young Style & my hairdresser was Kim.

She’s awesome and very talented.

Kim ,if you read this….many,many thanks for this awesome coloour!<3

I just love it!!!

How do you like it….kitties?:D

P.S.I finally saw The Great Gatsby last week….it’s an amazing movie with Leonardo DiCaprio (one of my fav actors in Hollywood)


It’s about a  love story..quite sad but very inspiring, witty, and romantic. The story, the actors, the music, everything! It’s emotionally touching on many levels

If you have enough of these “no-sense” movies..just pew-pew & action (like Fast&Furious 6).. I would highly recommend  it to you!

one of my fav soundtracks (Lana Del Rey-Young&Beautiful)——> can also find me on facebook:

or on instagram:@fitzoshpiorlnica

9 Comments on “new look”

  1. I have always been fascinated by that color hair but not brave enough to try it lol it looks amazing!!!

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