crazy pink



My weekend was just full of awesomeness…

On sunday I wanted to make a new post about it…but I was kind of I decided to make it now.

Sooooo…as you know..I got a new look on friday.

After washing my hair,on saturday..that RIRI red turn out to be pinky-red :))

I’m not sad about it…I kinda like it…but in a few weeks I’ll change that:)

However,I wanted to celebrate my new look I went on a great party on saturday night 😀

It was really fun…

& of course I went as a BLACKMILK SHARKIE


I wanted to go like this….but my Zara Blazer is not that comfy (to party in it)

soooo…I took my fav Zara leather jacket instead


power puff 😀



How was your weekend?:D

P.S.remeber my post about nutrition and workout?

well…this is my progress after 4 weeks:)


(-3 kg)a few steps left till I reach my final-goal…yey ❤ can also find me on facebook:

or on instagram:@fitzoshpiorlnica

4 Comments on “crazy pink”

  1. daca te-a decolorat inainte nu are cum sa iti ramana culoarea . Asa am patit si eu. Am fost RiRi red şi după prima spălare s-a dus din intensitate şi până la urmă a devenit portocaliu deschis :)) ca să prindă,mai bagă o tură de vopsea roşie, să se fixeze pigmentul.
    Oricum, îţi stă bine

    Şiiiiiiiiiiiii te invidiez pentru kilograme :))))

    • thankies:*
      da….o sa mai bag un tub in vreo 2-3 sapt
      nu vreau sa ma vopsesc chiar asa de des…am mai avut inainte probleme because of that:))
      si pinky e cool,dar o sa am riri red at the end!:D
      thanks for your advice..tu esti experta in domeniul asta hihi..what’s your next color?:D
      si mersiiii..tuuu,te tii de treaba?:D

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