highschool memories/venice


Hi ,readers!

This is my 4th travel-journal post and it won’t be a large one.(You’ll see why..later :D)

5 years ago, I went with my highschool-class to Italy.

We spent a week in Grado…at the beach..and then we had a sightseeing day in Venice.

Venice is a old ,little watery city… with cute ,little streets and an incredible romantic flair:D

We didn’t have enough time to visit all the important sights ,buuuuut,guess what?

In 2 weeks we’re going to be there,again….(ihaaa)

We’re going to Italy in 2 weeks.We’re gonna spend one week in Grado (at the beach) &  one day in Venice (highlight of my birthday)

I can’t waaaaaait for it:D

In 3 weeks I’m gonna write a large post about Venice with many tips and tricks.

Where are you going to spend your summer-holidays?

Here are a few sneak peeks (more pics in 3 weeks :p)






We didn’t have time to take a ride on a gondola…but this time ,we surely will take one  😀

P.S.Rihanna is coming to Vienna,next week

And guess who’s got tickets for the “Diamonds World Tour”?:D—->meheheh 😀

Don’t miss my post about it!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer-break!


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or on instagram:@fitzoshpiorlnica

10 Comments on “highschool memories/venice”

  1. ohhhhh how I envy you for the Rihanna concert ♥

    De abia astept pozele din vacanta:D nu am fost niciodata in Italia, dar am auzit / citit numai lucruri frumoase 🙂

    • biletele le-am luat deja din ianuarie…abia astept sa vad cum e live:D

      pai si ce mai asteptati?:D
      e chiar frumos si nu e exagerat de scump..ca in alte tari
      voi ce faceti vara asta?:D
      as veni si in tara…n-am mai fost de 2 ani si chiar mi-e dor 😦

      • pai daca vii, hai si la Cluj 🙂 vara asta nu plec niciunde, prin septembrie poate plecam pe undeva :-”
        adevarul e ca as fi putut sa vin si eu la Rihanna in Viena :)) dar nu stiam

  2. Rihanna tickets …omg :X
    Ce mica erai in poze :”> asa dragalasa 😀
    nu ca acum nu ai mai fi 😛


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