IT PIECE:the basketball tee


Hello darlings!

Tees are becoming a dress for most fashionistas and this trend is spreading to jackets and also football tees .

The basketball jersey or any other sports team appareI are no longer just for the diehard sports fans!!!

Whether it’s from your fav team or not, is a classic staple in anyoneโ€™s wardrobe. The only trick is making it fashionable and working into everyday outfits (not just for game day) Sports apparel are handy items for any streetwear ensemble. Even if youโ€™re not a sports fan, there are still ways to incorporate the trend into your look.


This is my first tee and I stole it from my boyfriend’s wardrobe ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve mixed it with some Urb Clothing Melty Tights and my Jeffrey Campbell Litas…et voila!:D


I’m kinda in love with this style and that’s why I ordered 2 more tees from BLACK MILK




What do you think about this sporty,new trend?:D can also follow me on facebook:

or on instagram:@fitzoshpiorlnica

P.P.S:See you in 10 days again,guys!We’re going to Italy,tomorrow.I’m sooo excited…I’m about to pack my bags and my boyfriend is pissed that I’m taking my whole wardrobe with me (haha)/he’s exaggerating…like always :)))

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