wellness day


Good morning,lovelies!

How was your weekend?

Mine was quite relaxing .

Yesterday I went with my boyfriend to Römertherme in Baden.

Baden is a lil town a few km away from Vienna.

The points of attraction in Baden are a Wellness Center called RÖMERTHERME and the most beautiful casino in Austria :CASINO BADEN.

In Vienna are also plenty of wellness-centers but they are always way too crowded and we really wanted to relax in quiet.


There are 4 swimming pools: 2 inside, 2 outside.

The pools outside are pretty warm and you can really relax and break awayfrom the treadmill of everyday life in there.


Inside…there’s one pool with cold water and one pool with luke-warm water

The cold pool can only be used  for swimming ‘cause the water is pretty cool.

I love the ceiling of the pool…it’s like a mirror –you can see yourself in it.


The other pool is quite big and good for both : relax and  swim.


If you are visiting Baden and you need a wellness day…don’t hesitate to visit the Römertherme!!!

The prices are quite okaay

1 day ticket = 17,40 € /for students only 14,30€

3 hours ticket =14,30€ /for students only 10,80 €

from 7 p.m. only 8,90 €







I wish you all a wondeful sunday….try to relax a lil bit.

I new ,busy week is ahead us!



4 Comments on “wellness day”

  1. Mama mea a locuit o perioada in Baden,e un orasel tare dragut,merota vizitat si pe timp dr vara,are un aer aparte,pacat ca nu am stiut ca au un asemenea spa,foarte fain,si pozele sunt unele din cele mai reusite ppoe ale tale 🙂

    • seamana putin cu oraselele mici din Italia….si mie imi place mult!
      awww. ..thankies!they were taken with my new canon si chiar observ diferenta
      the quality/clarity/colours are way better than with a digital cam 🙂

  2. Doamne cat imi plac pozele astea,pe langa ca ai un corp “lucrat” mai sunt si pozele de o calitate buna 🙂 nu ma intreba cum am ajuns iar la postarea aceasta ca habar nu am :))

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