50 things about me


1)I live in Vienna since the age of 14teen

2)Until the age of 14teen ,I lived with my grandma,my aunt and my cousin .

3)I was born in Timisoara but at the age of 12 my aunt had this “awesome idea” to fulfil her dreams by moving at the other end of the country—->Constanta

4)I am very sociable,so I made friends very fast.

5)After 2 years my mum “forced” me to move to Austria haha

6)Because of my moving “from place to place” thing as a kid…..this habit remains in my blood

7)I want to move to USA after I’ve finished my studies.

8)I live with my boyfriend since 4 years and we are together since almost 6 years (we met in highschool,we were in the same class haha)

9)I graduated highschool in Vienna.

10)I can speak 4 languages, fluently (romanian (doooh) ,german (dooh),spanish and english

11)Because of this talent,I chose a proper branch of study :transcultural communication (profiled in english,german,spanish)

12)Still….my dream is to study at the London College of Fashion.

13)I’m a shoppaholic

14)Cuz of my expensive disease,I work for my own money….I have 2 jobs :I give tutoring lessons in english and spanish to children & I am marginally employed at a exquisite shoe storeΒ .

15)I am shoe-addicted.I own over 120 pairs of shoes (still counting haha)

16)I am a gym-addict as well,as you may have noticed…my boyfriend infected me with this diesease….he’s a personal fitness trainer

17)I am a travel kitty.I visited 14 countries Β till now (Greece,Hungary,Italy,UK,France,Portugal,Slovakia,Czechia,Austria,Romania ,Germany,Spain,Bulgaria & Thailand…still counting haha)

18)Our next “BIG HOLIDAY” on our bucket list is a round trip in the USA.

19)Fav food:SUSHI

20)Fav city:BARCELONA

21)Fav color:white (It’s not really a color,I kno’,I kno’)

22)Luck nr:7

23)I consider myself a funny person,cuz my humor skills always helped me a lot with making new friends

24)I suck at being a “housewive”…I can’t really cook,I hate to clean up ,I hate to make the laundry etc

25)I am clumsy as ef.

26)I hate doing my own make-up…I usually use an eye-liner,a mascara & that’s it

27)I have a crooked nose.As a kid, I fell to the ground during a basketball game and I broke my nose.I don’t know why nobody took me to the doctor to fix it…but yeaaah…I use to hate it as a teenie,but now I kinda got accustomed to it.I don’t think that I would want to fix it if I would have the possibility.

28)I will definitely get my eyes fixed in the next few months.I am totally blind,without my eye-lenses I can’t see a thing haha

29)I am 1,67 tall & I weight 52 kg ( I want to gain 2 more kg of muscle-mass haha)

30)My fashion icon:Miroslova Duma

31)Fav actor:Leonardo DiCaprio (but not because of Titanic haha)

32)Fav Movie:Avatar (it’s just fascinating)

33)I love reading all kinds of books:I’m reading all the “Game of Thrones” books at the moment.

34)Fav Person:Jennifer Lawrence (I like the fact that she’s always being herself)

35)I am a very open-minded & positive person and I avoid negative people ,who can only judge /gossip about others.

36)I am very aggressive when I get into a fight haha …I can say the most meanest things to someone and then regret it for weeks.(luckily,I don’t get into a fightΒ easily)

37)I always apologize when I do wrong.

38)I am not a romantic person at all…my boyfriend is way too romantic for both of us (quite a schocker ,huh? :)))

39)I am always there for my friends when they need me

40)I don’t know how to act when somebody is crying in front of me :))

41)It’s easier for me to make friends with boys than with girls ….I always had more male friends than girlfriends haha.

42)I am not a girly GIRL haha /but I’ve learned how to act like one when it’s necessary

43)I have 3 tattoos .The first one was done by a friend of mine,in my own room…when I was home alone.I was 16teen and I wanted a “HEY!” so badly hahaha….now I hate it with all of my heart (thanks,Cristiiii..you shouldn’t have listened to me ) & I will definitely remove it in the near future.

44)I love watching horror-movies and because of that I am afraid of the dark haha

45)I love being awkward

46)I love being a grammar-nazi

47)I can easily make compliments to other girls

48)I won’t be furious if I’d saw a girl wearing the same clothes as me at an event.

49)I used to be a party girl…now I moved the parties to the gym haha

50)I don’t have a driving licence. I don’t know why…all of my friends have one but I never felt the need of having one.

31 Comments on “50 things about me

  1. Haha…eu ador sa ma machiez singura, dar cand vine vorba sa machiez pe altcineva…pfff…tremur toata :)))
    Si nr meu norocos tot 7 este πŸ™‚ Pentru asta mi-am facut 7 gauri pentru cercei in urechi πŸ˜€ (insa mai folosesc zilnic doar 4) si intentionez sa-mi fac 7 tatuaje πŸ™‚
    Cel mai mare vis ale meu este sa ma mut in state. Si o sa fac tot posibilul sa se intample πŸ™‚

    ps: I like u a lot :*:*:*

  2. Offf, ce ma bucur ca ai scris postul asta! Chiar ma intrebam mereu, oare cum de stai in Viena si de cat timp. Esti o fata fainaa si avem lucruri in comun ( likee the love for MK bags & gym) hihi :)). Ma bucur ca am aflat lucruri noi despre tine! Te puppp

  3. Ce faina-i povestea ta in legatura cu prietenul tau . Nu v-ati plictisit sa va vedeti zilnic day &night :))? Aveti de gand sa va casatoriti ❀️ ?

    • we’re taking our time with the marriage-thing haha/
      we’re concentrating on our careers/la 30 de ani..maybe :))
      We’re not in a hurry or something haha
      Nu ne plictisim….we’re always killing the monotony by trying new things out and as awkward as it might sound….he’s my best friend, too

  4. Ce ma bucur ca ai facut postarea asta β™₯ Si eu ma intrebam cum de stai in Viena si ce faci :))
    Prietenia noastra a inceput pe Instagram si nu stiam asa multe lucruri despre tine .

    I suck at being a housewife too … nu stiu sa gatesc, mi-e cam lene sa fac curat , sa intind hainele , sa schimb lenjeria la pat :)))
    Si eu spun multe lucruri aiurea cand ma cert cu cineva si am nervi .. regret apoi …
    I am a grammar-nazi too :))

  5. f interesant, chiar te urmaresc si pe facebook etc etc, iar acum am aflat multe lucruri despre tine.
    nu imi vine sa cred ca lucrezi, ba chiar ai 2 joburi, mai tot timpul te vad activa pe internet, gym …cum faci fata? :)) kisses

  6. vreau sa ma apuc sa dau si eu meditatii ( pentru banuti de buzunar, care niciodata nu’s de ajuns πŸ˜€ )
    si ma tot intrebam cum o sa reusesc cu toate. anyway you rock girl! :*

  7. Si numarul meu este tot 7, la fel ca toata lumea mi e lene cand vine vorba de curatenie, vase, etc., la fel cu party girl, si eu am prieten inca din liceu, dintr-a 9-a, de 4 ani si still counting, ma gandeam ca nu mai e cineva asa, pentru ca multi se intreaba cum se poate :)). In mai mult de jumatate din ce-ai spus tu.. ma regasesc si eu. Te stiu de pe insta, si mereu ma intrebam chestii despre tine, pana am dat de blogul tau. Si imi place ca esti asa plina de viata tot timpul si ai facut din gym ceva pasiune, ceea ce ma face sa te intreb, de cand te ai apucat serios si ai avut vreun scop, adica sa slabesti sau doar sa mentii?

    • hey!:D
      multumesc frumos ,esti o draguta πŸ™‚
      well,anul trecut….prin mai m-am apucat serios de treaba…inainte mai faceam din cand in cand miscare (only cardio) but not frequently πŸ˜€
      Nu vreau nicidecum sa slabesc…ma inspira foarte mult prefessional fitness girl (like Paige Hathaway ,Bella Falconi….)si sper ca intro buna zi sa am si eu un six-pack like these girls πŸ˜€

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  9. Cica iti place sa fii grammar nazi:)) Tu observi ca ce ai scris tu acolo sus e plin cu greseli gramaticale??? Your english sucks…si mai aiurea e ca dai meditatii :O

    • greseli gramaticale my ass
      ai trecut pe blogul meu ca sa iti impartasesti frustrarile or something?
      I’m not a psychologist…so, would you go get the fuck out of here, please?!:)))

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