Lissabon (PART 2)


On the 3rd day in Lissabon,we took the purple line of the “HOP-ON-HOP-OFF” bus .

We headed directly to the Oceanario.




After wandering around for half an hour….we finally found it:THE FAMOUS OCEANARIO OF LISSABON


The whole place is awe inspiring,the thought that went into the building of this attraction is incredible.You can spend hours wandering around as there is so much to see,from tanks that you can sit under and have the fish and turtles swimming over your head to the huge viewing panels with seats to sit down and feel tranquil or watching the otters and penguins playfully splashing around.
Probably the best attraction that I have visited in a very long time and very reasonably priced(14 €) for the amount of things to see.



This is a must see place! The central tank is massive and you can see in from many different angles. It has sharks, tuna, and a gigantic sunfish!! He seemed to know he was the star and made many trips passed visitors.

Several times, we just sat on the floor right up against the glass and stared at the passing fish. It was mesmorizing. They have a small “behind the scenes” section that explains things like quarenteen and raising the organisms before they go into bigger tanks. They also have a short film on loop about the oceanarium.





amazing ….isn’t it?:D

After visiting the Oceanario…we wanted to finish with the purple line and take the orange line.

The weather got worse….it was pretty windy so we couldn’t do everything we intended to do…..

We visited CAMPO PEQUENO (it kinda  has a russian flair)


The Campo Pequeno is the bull ring of Lissabon. It is located in the Campo Pequeno Square, by the Avenida da República.

We didn’t go to see the bull-fight……we just went to sight it’s amazing design.

Underground Campo Pequeno,there’s a shopping mall.

So…if you don’t wanna see the bull-fights you can just go shopping ,having a nice view!:D




We wanted to cross the street to visit the wonderful Bélem but there was a high-way and the train in the middle of the street and no crossing way.

We didn’t want to go 2 km by foot cuz it was efing cold and windy…so we run course the highway (no cars and train in sight) ,we climbed over the fence,we run over the rail..and when we wanted to climb over the next fence,1000  cars were driving on the other site.Drivers were honking and asking us if we are totally insane.After 2 minutes we managed to climb over the next fence and run like crazy over the highway.10 seconds later a train was in sight.

We almost got killed by a train cuz we were so efing stupid.(hope my mum doesn’t read this haha)

After having such a adrenaline rush….we chilled a little at PADRAO DOS DESCOBRIMIENTOS

IMG_1492 IMG_1520 IMG_1539


It’s one of the Lisbon’s symbols and it really is pretty. Too bad we only saw it from the outside 😦

The tower was closed. It was extremely windy and starting to drizzle, but the walk was still enjoyable from the monument of the discoveries, over to the tower.

Still……the view was just amazing!

IMG_1548 IMG_1563 IMG_1575 IMG_1582


After such a adventurative day,we went back to our “barrio” and we decided to throw a CUPCAKE PARTY in our hotel room.

IMG_0966 IMG_0963 IMG_0964 IMG_1584 IMG_1590 IMG_1593


We ate yummy cupcakes and watched Sex and the City 2.

It was the perfect way to end such a day

(to be continued)



6 Comments on “Lissabon (PART 2)”

  1. Very nice! But somehow i didn’t find Belem that exciting and i really hate fishy fishy, so the aquarium was a no anyway. And i would never take a hop on hop off bus.(i work in this field and i know what a rip off is, but this is just my opinion) You have no idea how much fun their public transport is. But i can’t believe you missed the heart of the old city: AlFama Barrio! And the old tram? 😦

    • We only took the 48 hrs hop on hop off tour/the last 2 days we used the public tranports
      A 3rd part is coming….
      I didn’t miss the Alfama Barrio /we lived near there and we went for a walk on the last day /couldn’t enjoy the view much…cuz of the rain
      but it was nice, though
      Whaaa’…you really didn’t like the Oceanario? 😮

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