Lissabon (PART 3)


The last 2 days in Lissabon were quite windy and rainy…but that didn’t stop us from exploring the beautiful city

On the 4th day we took the feery to Cacelhas…to see the Jesus Statue (Cristo Rei)



We really couldn’t have chosen a worse day to visit the Statue.

It was freaking cold outside….when we got at the top of the statue….I got wet in less than 10 seconds (no kidding)

The wind almost blew my purse away :O

However…it was totally worth it!

The view was just breathtaking. Before you climb to the top of the statue, you can see the whole city of Lissabon, the 25th of April bridge, and the statue of Jesus. It felt like  we were in San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro and Lissabon at the same time.




After a few minutes of enjoying the foggy view over the bridge….we ran to get the bus cuz it was raining like hell and we were already wet.

We couldn’t wait to get back to our warm & cozy hotel room….& guess what?After entering our room…the sun came up nd the rain stopped.

The nature was playing its game with us….yeah,yeaaah…VERY FUNNY!

We chilled a lil bit…and we decided to have dinner in a traditional portuguese restaurant…cuz we haven’t tried the traditional food yet.

After searching on the internet for some restaurants…we decided to go to FAZ FIGURA

Look at this VIEW:

005 004

We had no reservation, but arrived early and got a nice table – not on the terrace cuz it wasn’t that warm outside…but we got a table with a spectacular view on the Tejo. The food was of high quality, the service was friendly and the prices were very reasonable.

IMG_1687 IMG_1714 IMG_1718 IMG_1727 IMG_1729 IMG_1744 IMG_1748

We  had a pleasent evening at Faz Figura……I highly recommend it to you!


On our last day in Lissabon we walked around Barrio Alto and we finally went SHOPPING :))

IMG_1774 IMG_1785 IMG_1755 IMG_1761 IMG_1797 IMG_1809 IMG_1814 IMG_1837 IMG_1856 IMG_1865


In the evening we went for an ice to Santini’s Gelati (a friend recommended it to us)

IMG_1963 santini_cascais santini3

I took pistachio,chocolate and vanilla.

It was one of the best ice cream I ate in a long while.<3

Afterwards,we took a long  walk to say goodbye to this wonderful city but we had to hurry up back to the hotel…to pack our bags cuz our flight back home was quite early in the morning.





IMG_1965 IMG_1967 1794604_241211499393639_1692330503_n

Bye Lissabon,it was nice to meet you!!!


They say you just know when you are in love. That this feeling of certainty comes over you as if you two were always destined for each other. I remember the moment I walked out of the train station in BARCELONA. I knew right there I loved Barcelona I could feel it in my bones. I loved Barcelona and every day I’ve spent there since…. has only made that feeling grow stronger. Barcelona and I were destined for each other.

And that’s exactly how I feel about Portugal.

Walking along the streets of Lissabon, I got that feeling all over again. I knew instantly I was in love with Lissabon. But more than that, I knew I was in love with Portugal.

I will come back one day…but this time I’ll go in summer.

Every season tells its story…..and I can’t wait for the  SUMMER to tell me its own one.

Muchos lovos,


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