one afternoon with mum



How are you?

My mum is finally here.

She came last tuesday from Germany and yesterday I finally had some time to guide her through the city.

She lived here for some years but never got the time to visit Vienna’s places of interest.

To be honest,I’m also too lazy to visit all the sights in my own town as I do when I’m on vacation in an other place.

I live only 10 minutes away from this wonderful place….


I visited the gardens often…but I never visited the palace mum inisisted on going inside .

Can’t show you many photos from the Palace..because cams weren’t allowed (haha)

Anyhow…here’s our DAY in pictures:











After visiting Schloß Schönbrunn…we had lunchwith a view at Do&Co Restaurant



When was the last time you spent a whole afternoon with your mum?

Can’t remember?

Take her to the movies or take her to a nice place….MOTHER DAY is coming soon

Don’t forget to surprise her with a nice touch

Bisous,lil kitties!





6 Comments on “one afternoon with mum”

  1. SCHÖNBRUNN arata absolut superb vara, e plin de culoare! Eu l-am vizitat toamna si mi-a placut dar vara vad ca este absolut superb!
    Tu ca de obicei tare draguta:)

    • Da….e foarte frumos vara
      But Schönbrunn always has a different flair in fiecare anotimp 😀
      Mi-am propus sa merg mai des…ca e la doar 10 minute de mine
      Maybe if I’ll get a dog’d be easier for me :))

  2. Cateii n’au voie in gradinile palatului :((
    stiu, pacat…
    Cute dress, btw 😉

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