Nike Air Force 1


Since I was a young girl I have never been the girly type. I was never really into make-up or dresses but I was always into street wear because of my older cousin so naturally Nike was a very common brand in my household. Recently, my obsession with this cult brand has come back in full force, when I saw these badass AirForce at Snipes.


Not only are they cool as f*ck but they’re perfect for summer.

IMG_0542 IMG_0555 IMG_0570 IMG_0600 IMG_0653 IMG_0623






Chicago Bulls Cap:HERE

Selfie Dress:HERE

Nike Sneakers:HERE

Zara Mini Bag

More outfits with my badass sneakers:

10303799_278443415670447_2174481734804053861_n 10406766_285296084985180_7231647941696592629_n 10403134_283896191791836_3340820285123032628_n 10476397_290469144467874_382419892210841568_n

What are your absolutely fav sneakers at the moment?

Wish u all a sunny sunday!



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