Barcelona:DAY 1


Hola guapas!

Our vacation started on 1st of July…and as we landed the bad luck was on our side.

First:at the airport!We wanted to take a taxi to our hotel but there were no cabs available because they were on strike…so we had to take 2 different buses to arrive at our hotel…as everybody else at the airport.

After 2 hours…we were finally at the hotel.

While checking in…guess what happened?

In a blink of an eye…somebody stole my mum’s bag.

In that bag were all her stuff:passport,all her money,phone,cards,credit cards,wallet….EVERYTHING!!!

We were like WTF?How can this happen to us in a 4 stars hotel?

The receptionist was an idiot…he didn’t even bother to call the police and to show us the surveillance footage.

He lied to our face that he already called the cops but nothing happened.

1 hour later a new receptionist arrived and called the police…15 minutes later they arrived.

It’s kind of awkward that the first receptionist acted like that…we think that he was involved in the whole robbery act.

We had to accompany the officers at the police station to make a declaration.

Meanwhile my mum had to block all her cards and sim card without having any number.

Goshhh…the night was horrible!

The police officer was very nice ..after making the declaration…he brought us to McDonalds and afterwards home.

The only awesome experience was sitting on the back seat of a police car and feeling like VIP criminals while driving to McDonald’s Drive IN :))

You can imagine that we couldn’t sleep all night long.

First thing in the morning,my mum’s friend arrived and we went to the Austrian Embassy in Barcelona,to make an emergency passport.

Thank god,everything worked pretty fast and 2 hours later she got her new passport.

So…it was time to try to enjoy our vacation!

2 minutes away from our hotel was this beautiful parc!

We had to cross it every day to get to the metro station.

Parc de Cervantes:

IMG_1475 IMG_1485 IMG_1489-1



First destination:Placa Catalunya

We just wanted to eat something and to drink a glass of SangrΓ­a


In the port…it was pretty windy…so guess what happened.



The wind took my favourite hat away :((((

I couldn’t get it back…I tried to climb down the ladder but the sea brought it away…far off my reach

Could our vacation get even worse?

The answer is YES hahah (to be continued)

However…afterwards we wanted to enjoy the city-view from Barcelona’s Teleferic.

On our way we had a short rest at Playa Barceloneta

IMG_1572 IMG_1569 IMG_1547


The queues to Montjuic Teleferic were like 20-30 minutes and a ride to the next side of Barcelona costs 11 € /person.

The ride is quite short…5-7 minutes but the view is breath-taking

IMG_1607 montjuic-teleferic IMG_1621 IMG_1624

On the other side of Barcelona (where the telerific stops) is an amazing Lounge.

We spent our night there…drinking cocktails and trying to forget about our bad experiences.

The view helped a lot!!!!

IMG_1665 IMG_1655 IMG_1673 IMG_1685 IMG_1698


Just wait for 2 day…you will see how amazing Barcelona really is!!!



H&M Hat 😦

New Yorker Sunnies

SheInside Dress:HERE

Primark Belt

H&M Purse

7 Comments on “Barcelona:DAY 1”

    • Credeam ca doar la altii li se poate intampla asa ceva…turns out I was wrong :))
      all in all it was a nice holiday…too bad the bad stuff didn’t happen at the end of it πŸ˜€

  1. pffff ce naspa. Clar ca receptionistul era pe mana cu cel care a furat geanta.
    Trebuia sa faci circ, sa chemi managerul hotelului … si acum ar trebui sa scrii si un review pe booking, ca sa stie lumea la ce sa se astepte.
    Pacat ca a inceput vacanta asa…

    • Da…cand a telefonat cu “politia” a zis ca suntem isterice…dar cum sa fi in a situation like this?
      chiar imi pare rau ca nu i-am spus politistului about my doubt :/
      O sa scriu for sure…pacat,hotelul era in rest foarte okay….

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