I get along with Mickey




Missed my outfits post?

My Barcelona posts will follow but I think it’s time to show you some new stuff from SheInside.

This post is all about MICKEY!!!

I think you might have noticed if you are following me right from the start that I’m a huge fan of Mickey Mouse.

I absolutely LOVE Mickey Mouse!!!

I can never get enough… I am like a child trapped in a grown-ups body when it comes to him!!!

IMG_3700 IMG_3732 IMG_3709 IMG_3725 IMG_3749 IMG_3730 IMG_3734


What’s your favourite Disney character?!



Mickey Mouse Shirt:HERE

Denim Shorts Look-A-Like :HERE

Flowercrownsbyl  Sunglasses:HERE 

Louis Vuitton Backpack

Calvin Klein Sandals

Wish you all a wonderful start in the new week!!!




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