autumn is a second spring…when every leaf is a flower


Today is the last day of August…but it feels like end of September.

The fall has arrived a lil bit too early this year….but I hope that it won’t leave too soon,cuz I’m not ready for the winter days!!!

As we wrap up summer , our shopping thoughts start looking forward to fall. One of the big color stories that I love is black and white. And it’s a perfect way to start transitioning into the new season because it’s also very “wear now”.

This color combination can be beautifully graphic when worn together or in a print, which brings a fresh new sophistication to the most basic of colors. This is one topic that doesn’t need much explaining, so let’s just dive right into the fun part…


I found this amazing black & white dress on SHEINSIDE.

I just love the asymmetrical cut and the business flair it gives you..even though it’s quite short!

I would wear it for a business meeting with my trench-coat or a blazer on and afterwards on a party 😀

IMG_4949 IMG_4950IMG_4998 IMG_4972 IMG_4990 IMG_4963IMG_4987  IMG_4976IMG_4960


SheInside Dress : HERE

Zara Trenchcoat:Look-A-Like : HERE

Michael Kors Bag

Buffalo Heels:Look-A-Like:HERE

Wish you all a wonderful AUTUMN START!!!



23 Comments on “autumn is a second spring…when every leaf is a flower”

  1. De ce minti in legatura cu magazinele de unde iti iei produsele? uita-te si tu cam ce diferenta e intre papucii tai si cei de pe site. Ce obtii cu asta? Faima? Nu prea…Nu faci decat sa arati ca te dai ceea ce nu poti fi. Imi pare rau ca mai exista si bloggerite de astea SH

  2. Imi poti spune te rog in cat timp ti-a venit comanda de la SheInside ? Sau procedeul prin care comanzi ceva de la ei ? Iti multumesc anticipat :).

    PS:Foarte draguta tinuta !

    • Hey!
      Merci frumos 🙂
      you can totally trust the site….comanda se da foarte international free shipping…dar dureaza pana primesti coletul..intre 3-4 saptamani

  3. Hei ! Plata se face online la comanda ?:) nu am mai comandat de pe site.uri americane … Si nu prea stiu cum sta treaba !😁… Foarte frumoase tinute si un stil placut 🙂 … Nu mai lua in seama aiurelile :))) daca atat de “sh” si “mincinoasa” esti , sa nu se mai uite 😂

    • hey!
      merci frumos 😀
      plata se face online… prin paypal sau card
      Nu iau…dar cum sa fi asa de haterita sa insulti pe cineva aiurea just because you can’t understand properly english ?!
      It makes no sense to me…

      • 😂…nici nu are rost sa te gandesti !:)) nici ea nu a stat prea mult sa se gandeasca inainte sa scrie 😂 asta spune mai mult decat lasa sa se vada 😂… Bine ca e ea “desteapta” ;;) :)) …
        Paypal , asta cum e ? Am vazut des , dar nu am incercat ! 🙂

      • trebuie sa iti faci un paypal account…
        google it!
        You’ll find all the necessary infos on their page!
        E foarte simplu & perfect daca nu ai visa card 🙂

  4. Eu confirm ca sunt Bufallo, si eu am vrut sa mi’i cumpar din magazin anu trecut :)) si oricum nu e ca si cand ai pretinde ca ai Jimmy Choo, sunt doar Bufallo, nu sunt inaccesibili…WTF?! fata aia clar nu stie cu ce se mananca asa ceva. Anyway, sorry but the skirt is faaar too provocative for a business meeting, dar perfecta pt un cocktail evening:) realy cute!
    And again: nice shoes!

    • exactly!
      Ma rog…nu inteleg scopul comentariului ei
      Vroia sa fie rautacioasa without making any sense 🙂
      Gotta love them shoes..though :))
      I-am achizitionat si pe alb…anul trecut :))
      I would have love them in black,too…dar nu ii aveau pe negru 😦
      You’re right….but it’s still formal even though it’s quite short :))

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