into the blue


Hey there,sweeties!

I hope you are all having a good day……I’m having a great day,myself!

I just checked my university account and my first exam was POSITIVE.


Cheers to that!:D

And because of that I’m in a sooper good-mood…that’s why I picked some bright colors for today’s post.

Remember a few weeks ago as I told you that blue is actually one of  my favorite colors but I don’t really own a lot of things in blue?!

Well…for this season I’ve made some changes in my wardrobe.

I’ve brought some bright colors into it…and blue is one of it!

And not only in my wardrobe…in my shoe-cabinet too!


My Nike addiction is getting out of control…..

My latest addition are these Roshe Runs

I just love them!!!

These are on my bucket list,too:




And the list goes on and on and on

I think I might need professional help hahah

I’ve replaced sneakers over heels not just because they’re all IN STYLE right now but also because of my ankle injury (still healing)

They are comfortobale and FABULOUS!

How do you like today’s combo?

IMG_5887 IMG_5923 IMG_5930 IMG_5938 IMG_5944 IMG_5958 IMG_5936 IMG_5959



SheInside Coat:HERE

H&M Look-A-Like Blouse:HERE

Calzedonia Leggings

Nike Roshe Run:HERE

Bershka Beanie:HERE

How do you like my blue-ish look?!



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