nerdy much?


Exam week is over and a new university chapter has begun.

And let’s face it …. your clothes matter.

They’re one of the first things people notice about you. Whether it’s your taste, your interests, or your personality, like it or not, what you’ve got on says a lot about you.

Going to university is one of the best opportunities to rethink your personal style, what it represents and whether it’s time to change your image.

For this year’s first uni week…I’ve chosen a nerdy chic look….and hopefully not only the look would be nerdy this year haha   IMG_6056 IMG_6073 IMG_6023IMG_6068IMG_6050IMG_6033 IMG_6059 IMG_6065



SheInside Dress:HERE

Romwe Coat(Look-A-Like):HERE


Aldo Glasses

Jeffrey Campbell Wedges:HERE

Michael Kors Bag

Which style do you prefer for school/university?!



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