Military SOS


No shotguns involved. Just pure soldier-combat inspired fashion.

As the autumn arrives….the military look makes its appearance and it becomes more versatile each year.

If green & khaki are not your thing, don’t PANIC…the Military Look can be done in any color as long as the army vibe is in there somewhere.

I,personally, love to mix military pieces with leather items.

Today I’ve mixed this RAD denim jacket in green with a badass t-shirt from a very talented romanian drawer,who prints her drawings on shirts,pillows and cups  and turns basic stuff into cool stuff….pretty awesome,huh?!

I’ve added to the military look some biker leggings and my very own spiky Litas….and VOILÁ..a badass look was born!!!

(links are at the end of the post)

It’s one of my favourite looks these days.

How do you like it?!



Army Denim Blazer from Lookbook Store


Red Art T-Shirt by Andreea Red (her FB)

Bershka Faux Leather Leggings

Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Are you also into the military look?!

Wish you all a wonderful start in this new week



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