sweater weather


Oversized sweaters have become a favorite fashion trend for most because you can style it up or down with comfort.

I have to admit that I’ve never been a fan of sweaters but I also hate layering up…

Well….since I don’t have the luck of living in a country where winter makes its appearence only on TV…I have to make some compromises.

I’ve been looking for colorful sweaters at the stores (so that at least the color would influence my mood) and surprise,surprise:

That “HATE RELATIONSHIP” turned into a “LOVE RELATIONSHIP” as I saw this sooper cute & sooper fancy oversized sweater.

It gives me that feeling of having “butterflies in my stomach” when I’m wearing it and makes me smile all the time for no reason.

This fall/winter essential can go from edgy to chic by adding accessories, shoes, or a great bag.

I’ve mixed it with some chic items and turned it into a romantic look.

Hope you’ll like it!!!

IMG_6673 IMG_6676 IMG_6692 IMG_6603 IMG_6624 IMG_6513 IMG_6527 IMG_6509IMG_6541 IMG_6573IMG_6563-3IMG_6703


Zara Oversized Sweater

Bershka Jeans

Primark Clutch

Buffalo Heels

Are you fooling around with the weather by wearing colorful items,too?!



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