Today is HALLOWEEN!!!


Get whatever the hell you want to be for a day cuz there are no RULES!!

Put a mask on or just take yours off!!!

Everything is allowed on the day of the death.

Halloween was criticised as a borrowed American custom for many years, but its increasing global popularity is a phenomenon that cannot be denied.

This increasing popularity may be partly due to commercial interests stoking it along (who knew so much money could be made out of dress-ups?) but my fascination with Halloween needs no more explanation than does my love for a good ghost story.


GO HOG WILD ON my favourite day of the year!

I wanna see some scary pics tomorrow on my Intagram News-Feed (leave a comment with ur account so I can check your pics out)

I’m gonna hunt some bad,bad humans tonight….

MWHAHAHHAHAHA (evil laugh)

IMG_6732 IMG_6762 IMG_6742 IMG_6734 IMG_6716IMG_6736


BATTLE CATSUIT from Black Milk Clothing:HERE

Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Wish u all a great,great time!

Get spooky!





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