winter blues


With the official arrival of fall, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and the “winter blues” may start creeping up on people.

I don’t know about other bloggers…but I find it quite annoying that the days are so efing short.

There’s no sign of the sun..the last days were quite foggy and the winter is making its appearence.

It’s quite difficult to get a good light for pictures.

These pics were taken at 4 p.m….but it looks like in the middle of the night.

I choose to wear #allblack looks with increasing frequency….

I’m just not in the mood for colors.

Hopefully I’m not getting a seasonal depression (haha..kidding,no worries…I’m alright)

IMG_7226 IMG_7229 IMG_7242   IMG_7250 GET THE LOOK:

Alexander Wang x H&M Sweater (Sold Out)


Alexander Wang x H&M Beanie (Sold Out)


Calzedonia Jogger Pants:


Pimkie Boots (last season)

Don’t let the beat of the “winter-blues” get you down

Take care of your well-being!!!



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