socks+heels= <3 | </3


I get it…the very thought of socks with shoes makes you run for the hills.

I’m not talking Crocs and tube socks, though. Nay, I’m referring to a serious street style trend I’m starting to love. This often considered nerdy duo is utterly chic, and after seeing so many lovely looks…I wanted to give it a try myself.

I already had some negative-feedback on my facebook page haha…but I think this look is totally my cup of tea,and I like it…so why shouldn’t I wear it?

You have to learn that not everyone experiences love in exactly the same manner as you do…not everyone is going to like your style,sense of humor,personality or whatsoever…

If you’re confident about a thing…then choose to stay true to yourself and choose to do it your own way,anyway.

Choose to take some risks…get out of your comfort zone if you don’t want to live your life in a continuous monotony

Feedback is always welcomed….but in the end..the only thing that matters is HOW YOU FEEL.

If you’re going to be weird…be confident about it :)))

IMG_7912 IMG_7942 IMG_7894  IMG_7981  IMG_7990 IMG_8007 IMG_7982 IMG_8040 IMG_8019IMG_8036


Sheinside Coat:HERE

Zara Dress

Primark Beanie

H&M Socks

Zara Heels

When was the last time you took a risk?!



9 Comments on “socks+heels= <3 | </3”

  1. Mie chiar imi place cum arata ! Da, e foarte important sa ai incredere in tine atunci cand porti ceva, iar la tine se vede ca tu chiar te simti bine cu look-ul asta si asta e cel mai important! Pupici :*

  2. ce draguta e poza aia cu tine dupa zid 😀
    Cat despre outfit… imi place pana la genunchi:) Nu imi place trendul asta si am impresia ca nu se potriveste ceva.. poate o pereche de sosete mai scurte si bej/alb/pink ar fi aratat altfel, dar astea negre, lungi sunt ca nuca-n perete:)) dar asta e parerea mea, important e ca tie sa iti placa si nu altora.

    Te pup

  3. nu arata chiar rau 🙂 poate daca si caciula era neagra … sau sosetele blue sau pink, cum zice iguanitza…
    and let me tell yu something, you’re getting cuter and cuter !

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