Faux Fur Diva


As you may have noticed…I am a huge fan of faux fur.

Faux fur is glorious and a trend that can easily and subtly be added to even the most conservative of winter wardrobes!

I already have a few faux-fur coats in my wardrobe….but not in such a racy color.

I was a lil bit insecure if I should buy it or not but as I tried it on…all of my doubts fade away.

The dark green shade is just gorgeous and if you mix it with black…VOILÀ : YOU HAVE A PERFECT MATCH!!!

Hope you’ll like it as much as I do 😀

IMG_8109 IMG_8139IMG_8100 IMG_8127 IMG_8135 IMG_8143 IMG_8098 IMG_8147 IMG_8156 IMG_8174 IMG_8151 IMG_8153 IMG_8221 IMG_81851GET THE LOOK:

Bershka Faux Fur Coat

H&M Hat

H&M Sweater

Romwe Shirt

Mango Pants

Michael Kors Bag

Pimkie Ankle-Boots

I hope you liked this look!



P.S.In case you didn’t know…there’s a Christmas Give-Away on my FB site


You can enter the competition HERE

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