Bad Aussee



Missed me?

I had a magical NYE with my boyfie’s family in Bad Aussee.


It was my first New Year’s Eve in the mountains and it was amazing.

We entered 2015 on a cottage….on the peek of Tauplitz,in Austria.

We went on a torch-light hike with a guide….it was an amazing adventure.

It was cold as ef but we had hot beverages and an amazing view all around us.

At 00:00 we were back at the cottage…we drank prosseco with the beloved ones while watching the fireworks.

I was always against visiting mountain area in winter…cuz I’ve always hated cold weather but I must admit that it wasn’t that bad as I’ve always tought….it was kind of magical.

I had tons of layers on and they really kept me warm the whole time.

IMG_8783 IMG_8794 IMG_8795 IMG_8802 IMG_8807 IMG_8809 IMG_8814 IMG_8812 IMG_8799 IMG_8816 IMG_8817 IMG_8822 IMG_8825 IMG_8837 IMG_8839 IMG_8849

On the 1st day of the New Year we went skiing.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to learn how to ski.

I’ve only been once on skis…and that was a million years ago.

We went on the kids slope cuz I had to learn the basic things such as finding the perfect position not to slide down (unwanted), learn how to bend & how to slow down .

IMG_8886 IMG_8910 IMG_8897 IMG_8900 IMG_8903

After skiing a few times on the kids slope….I had the guts to try the bigger slope.

I was scared as shhhh…cuz it looked very steep.

Kevin held me the first time cuz I was too afraid to go on on my own.

After that,I gained a lil confidence and I tried it on my own.

The second time I did a great job.

The third time I tried to use the ski-sticks and the inevitable happened.

I couldn’t slow down anymore,I panicked and I let myself fall haha

It wasn’t so easy..cuz I couldn’t decide on which side to fall hahah…guess who was laughing and making stupid pictures of me….my boyfriend,of course…..but I wasn’t angry because I’m also gleeful on my own 🙂

Getting up was even harder than falling down.

IMG_8913 IMG_8917 IMG_8936 IMG_8922 IMG_8881

Kevin’s brothers went up and down with their snowboards like it’s nothing…

Okaaaay….it wasn’t their first time….but rather their 1000th time haha

IMG_8926 IMG_8927 IMG_8932 IMG_8934

I’m kinda proud of myself that I’ve already started accomplishing my New Year’s resolutions.

I’m not a winter-sports hater anymore.

I want to go PRO (haha) and to ski down the longest slope like it’s nothing.

And I also want to learn how to snowboard.

Kevin is the best teacher….he used to go snowboarding every weekend in winter-time.

Can’t wait to get better and better and be able  to slide down the biggest slope with him.

IMG_8951 IMG_8955 IMG_8939IMG_8957 IMG_8958 IMG_8960 IMG_8973 IMG_8990 IMG_8997 IMG_9003 IMG_9005 IMG_8945


All in all,I had a lot of fun….and I’ve finally beared down my winter hate haha

I can’t wait to be on the slope once again.

I used to be the summer kind of  person but I found out that winter is beautiful, its own way haha

How about you guys….how did you spend  NYE?

And have you already kept one of your resolutions?



4 Comments on “Bad Aussee”

  1. wohoooo same here !
    Si eu am fost in a doua zi din anul nou la ski si am invatat sa schiez. I’m not a winter-sports hater anymore neither :)) De abia astept sa ajung iar pe partie.

    Use those sticks, girl! Te poti controla mai bine atunci cand iei virajele.
    Ma bucur ca nu ai cazut mai rau si nu te-ai accidentat.
    Imi plac ochelarii tai de soare ❤

    • stickurile alea numa’ ma incurca :)))
      nu stiu daca o sa ma pot obisnui cu ele vreodata :))
      si noi o sa fim pe partie soon again….snowboard timeeee🏂🏂🏂 🙈🙉🙊

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