romantic look


Good morning,ladies and gents!

How are things going?

I’m starting this week with a romantic,red look….which it wasn’t that easy to shoot.

The weather is kinda turning against me lately…I’ve been noticing it for a while and it does upset me.

I wanted to shoot a few looks this weekend cuz during the week I’ve been busy at the university (the finals are coming) and guess what?!

The wind was blowing so hard that it literally blew my away (no kidding)

Yesterday ,the wind finally started to calm down a lil bit and as I was ready to take some shoots,the apocalypse started.

It started to rain & snow simultaneously.

After 5 minutes my hair was all ruined and I was upset as ef.

Honestly,I’ve had enough….I can’t wait for the spring season to start.

Enough nagging about the weather!!!

Some words about my look:

It is classy,romantic and glamorous….it would be the perfect look for Valentine’s Day….wouldn’t it?

My motto for 2015 is to DARE MORE!

That’s why I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and chose a wonderful red dress to match with my vintage faux fur coat.

Hope you’ll like the entire look & hope it’s not that obvious how upset I actually was.

IMG_9024 IMG_9029





Sheinside Dress:HERE

Vintage Faux Fur Coat

Zara Heels

I wish you all a good start into this week!



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