As the title already says…this is a spontaneous post.

Actually,it was a spontaneous shoot,too.

I’m in the middle of my finals and that’s why I’ve been so absent lately.

Just 2 more  weeks to suffer and then I’ll be back (Terminator’s voice haha)

2 words to describe today’s look : sporty & chic

It’s perfect for a casual sunday….and it’s still catchy.

As I’m not very talky today,I’ll just let you enjoy the few pics we took a few minutes ago.

Hope you’ll like it!!!

IMG_9296 IMG_9328IMG_9350IMG_9341IMG_9302IMG_9304IMG_9342IMG_9331IMG_9403


MiuMiu Sunnies:HERE

H&M Turtleneck :HERE

Black Milk Clothing Catsuit:HERE

Romwe Tartan Blouse

Nike Airmax Thea :HERE

Good luck on your finals (for all the student kitties out there)




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