blown by the wind


The wind is giving me a hard time lately….

I don’t wanna complain but I HATE IT ….it was really hard to take some suitable pics

However,today’s post is about a new love of mine.,namely…my love for the brand KOMONO


Komono is a new accessories brand founded by Anton Janssens and Raf Maes.

Komono watches and sunglasses have a retro-futuristic vibe that’s designed to appeal to young fashion-conscious people.

There’s a lot of minimalist design packed into relatively low prices .


Komono watches are big,have bold analog dials with simple leather or fabric straps. The watches are unisex and come in three different sizes to fit both: men and women.

The best aspect of these watches is the flawless modern design with a wide variety of settings. Komonos are great for casual evenings, drinks after work, or weekends around town.

I’m in love with Komono’s sleek style.

I chose the Magnus Vintage,cuz my Fossil watch broke into pieces and I needed a new sporty  watch…

I felt in love with the design….and with its vintage wrist-band



I just love it and I’m thinking of getting an elegant one, too.

Can’t make my mind which one to take..they are all so efing beautiful ❤


Winston Royale Zirconium:HERE


Winston Royale Black:HERE


Winston Royale Siver Blue:HERE

Winston_Royale_-_Rose_Gold_Black_0382e409-e846-4ead-9540-a663437fdfaa_2048x2048 (1)

Winston Royale Rose Gold:HERE



Which one would you choose?!

I hope you’ll like my minimalistic look!!!

IMG_9507 IMG_9441 IMG_9524 IMG_9449 IMG_9472 IMG_9515 IMG_9553 IMG_9493 IMG_9444IMG_9478



Komono Watch:HERE 

Alexander Wang for H&M Sunglasses

H&M Oversized Shirt:HERE

Calzedonia Leather Sweatpants

Nike Airmax Thea:HERE

Wish you a wonderful weekend!



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19 Comments on “blown by the wind”

  1. wow, what a cute look! fits you perfectly! I´m in love with those pants, I have similar ones in my wardrobe 😉

    it´s also so nice to see, that there are other bloggers in my neighborhood 🙂

    best wishes!
    Ina from

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