color splash

IMG_1081 - Kopie

Is the spring coming?

he said

What is it like?

It’s like the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine!

I don’t know about you…but I’M SOOPER EXCITED…it’s almost spring!!!!

I’m ready to bring some bright colors into my wardrobe ….starting today.

I just discovered a new site with pleasent prices and nice,cute clothes.

I’m talking about High Quality Buy.

They even have amazing leather shoes at affordable prices.

Take a look on their site…I’m sure you’ll find something.

I chose this minty sweater and the cute lil shoes from their site and I’m sooper happy about my pick.

The bright colors make instantly happy…don’t you agree?

IMG_0986 IMG_0990 IMG_0997 IMG_1002 IMG_1045 IMG_1053 IMG_0985 IMG_1004 IMG_1034 IMG_1057 IMG_1062 IMG_1066 IMG_1069 IMG_1088GET THE LOOK:

High Quality Buy Sweater:HERE

Miu Miu Sunnies

SheInside Coat:HERE

High Quality Buy Leather Shoes:HERE

Zara Pants

Bershka Backpack





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