Nikes on my feet


and the Nikes on my feet keep my cipher complete………..

How’s been going?!

I’m sooper dooper happy cuz I’ve finally purchased these limited edition Nike babes by Ricardo Tisci.

Aren’t they out of space?

I mixed them with some swag-ish Alexander Wang x H&M pieces and with the exquisite watch from Filippo Loreti.IMG_1770


Pretty badass watch,huh?

Filippo Loreti’s design is unique.

Inspired by modern elegance and the idea of individual jewellery – every Filippo Loreti timepiece is limited edition to few hundred pieces.

It’s my new favorite watch,for sure.

It’s so pretty,I can’t stop staring at it 😀

I hope you’ll like today’s combo as much as I do!

IMG_1744 IMG_1749 IMG_1723 IMG_1729 IMG_1785 IMG_1875 IMG_1916 IMG_1932GET THE LOOK:

Alexander Wang x H&M Sunnies

Alexander Wang x H&M Scuba Sweatshirt

H&M Long Shirt:HERE

Filippo Loreti Watch:HERE

Nike by Ricardo Tisci:HERE

Wish you all a RAD day!!!



17 Comments on “Nikes on my feet”

  1. WOAHH these look super badass! I wanna get my hands (feet) on a pair ^_^
    Btw thank you so much for your “follow” and I’m loving your blog ❤

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