camel crush


Happy wednesday….just a few more days till the weekend begins!!!

Are you excited?!

I am sooper excited…cuz the spring is sending it’s best regards.

The sun is showing his face quite often,lately….AND I LOVE IT!

Just as much as I love this camel coat mixed with my Ricardo Tisci Boots!


Hope you’ll love it,too!!!

Sunny greetings from Vienna,enjoy the pics!

IMG_2366 IMG_2439 IMG_2390 IMG_2402 IMG_2298ย IMG_2420 IMG_2232


Camel Coat:HERE

Fendi inspired Sunnies:HERE

Bershka Blouse

Bershka Skinny Jeans

Ricardo Tisci Boots:HERE

Filippo Loreti Watch:HERE

aaaaaaaaaaaaand…how do you like my look?!

Wish u a sunny wednesday & take care !:)

Muchos lovos,sweet kitties,


9 Comments on “camel crush”

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  2. You have an awesome fashion sense. Loved browsing through your blog. And thank you for stopping by mine. Have a nice weekend

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