5 steps to fat loss


Hi girls !

Aren’t you sick of those sucky diets & starving yourself to death?

This post is to help  my readers to get healthy & good looking by eating their meals without remorse(doing a lil bit of exercise)!:D

When it comes to fat loss nutrition, there are only five important things you need to think about. …ONLY FIVE!:D

1)To lose fat, you have to DECREASE your calories. You have to start eating less and more often.



When you skip meals your metabolism slows down,and you are not burning calories like you should.Your body thinks that you are starving so when you eat again,your body stores away more than usual resulting in more FAT

2)To support your muscle tissue, you have to INCREASE your protein.Eat more lean meat, chicken, fish, or whatever lean vegetarian source you choose. These foods help  you feel full.


3)To create the right environment for fat loss, you need to  DECREASE your carbs.  In other words, eat less sugar and starches. Eating too much of those can  lead to fat gain.

4) To make sure you’re losing fat in a healthy way, you need to  INCREASE your veggies and fruits. Start replacing your grains … with greens. If you do this, you’ll be getting more fiber, vitamins, and minerals


5) To support your metabolism, you need to gradually replace your bad fats with healthy ones.  By adding things like olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, and fish oils, you’ll speed your metabolism and lose more fat than ever before.



Nutritionally,that’s it!!!!

Calories — down.  Protein — up.  Replace some carbs with veggies, and replace the bad fats with good ones.  Pretty simple … right?!

***Recipes are following 🙂

Good luck,sporties!




11 Comments on “5 steps to fat loss”

  1. Question : If I want to lose weight , should I do more cardio exercises ? Because I’m all about training with weights .. And I only run before every session , like 4-5 miles .

    • if you wanna lose fat you have to do a full body weighttraining and combine it with a 10 min interval-training (1 min slow cycling or brisk-walk ,1 min max. resistance cycling or sprinting) for beginners repeat this 5 times…for advanced you can add some more intervals…up to 12 minutes & do it at the end of a training-session….it will help you soooo much more than 2 hours of cycling,running at the same intensity 🙂 the more muscle-mass you have the more energy your body needs
      conclusion– ->you burn more fat

  2. Mi-a plăcut foarte mult articolul! E chiar motivant. 🙂 Ai prezentat foarte bine schimbările care trebuiesc făcute în alimentație. De acolo pornește totul. Dacă nu avem grijă la alimentație, nu vom reuși niciodată să avem un corp frumos și sănătos. Bineînțeles, sportul e obligatoriu.

    Abia aștept articolele cu rețete. 🙂

    By the way, you look awsome! I know that’s beacause of your hard work!

  3. Nota 10 pentru articol! 👌 Simplu, scurt si la obiect. Bravo!

    As avea si eu o intrebare; daca vreau sa slabesc, e ok sa beau shake-uri proteice? Thanks. 😊 xoxo

  4. Buna Ana!As vrea sa ma ajuți putin:))Eu am fost întodeauna slaba si înaltă(1,74m)Fac tenis de performanța de 10 ani si nu am avut probleme cu slăbitul si etc.Dar in ultimele 5 luni am pus 6 kg.Am ajuns de la 56 kg la 62..Si nu inteleg de ce.Fac 2 antrenamente pe zi+sala.Iar prostii nu mănânc.Doar ciocolata dar nu multă.De 3 luni încerc sa slăbesc si nu reușesc nici cum.Nu pot sa tin nici diete pt ca am nevoie de mâncare pt ca depun mult efort.Cum ar trebui sa mănânc ca sa pot slabi?Avand in vedere ca am nevoie de energie multă.Mersi mult!

    • hey Gina

      poate ai pus masa musculara pe tine…that’s not a bad thing
      KG in plus sunt vizibile in oglinda?
      You could try a carb-cyclying “diet”…in zilele cand ai antrenament mananci high carb…iar cand ai rest-day low carb
      Daca nu ai niciodata pauza (haha) ai putea incerca sa mananci doar de dimineata,inainte de antrenament & dupa antrenament carbs…in rest they are forbidden😅

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