April….my dearest enemy

Good morning,kitties!

I don’t know where you live &  if the spring is already showing up in your town….but in Vienna,April is fooling with as 24/7.

One minute it’s warm & sunny and the other minute it’s all rainy & windy.

Sometimes,the weather goes psycho and it begins to snow for a few minutes.

We kinda have all 4 seasons in one day.

April…please stop being so damn unpredictable!!!!

I’m not grumpy …I’m just waiting for spring’s arrival like FOREVER!

I was freezing while taking these pictures….can you tell?:D

IMG_3290 IMG_3307 IMG_3380 IMG_3385

If you’re following me on Instagram,you might have noticed that I won the G-Star IG #tightorwide competition.

I won a 250 € voucher.

The Arc Jeans was one of my picks.

I just love it!!!

I mixed it with my fav booties from Buffalo.



Here are a few more Buffalo beauties:


Snaky Heels:HERE


Summerish Sandals:HERE




Blue Beauties:HERE

IMG_3364 IMG_3366 IMG_3417 IMG_3398 IMG_3397IMG_3460IMG_3371IMG_3443


Gloryfy Sunnies:HERE

G-Star Raw T-Shirt:HERE

Primark Jacket (bought it 2 years ago)

G-Star Raw Jeans:HERE

Buffalo London Booties:HERE

Komono Watch:HERE

How do you like my look?!

P.S. I’m starting the 6th day of my 28 Days Journey with Tiny Tea and I’ already feeling lighter and more energized.IMG_3124

I’ll keep you up to date with my Tiny Tea Journey.

Get your own Tiny Tea:HERE

Wish you all a wonderful week!

Muchos Lovos,


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