give me 5

Good morning,kitties!

Are you ready to try 5 new exercises ?

Today’s focus is your lower & upper back (but some parts of your lower body as well–>booty & hamstrings)

Let’s do this!!!



Begin with a bar on a rack at shoulder height. Rack the bar across the rear of your shoulders as you would a power squat. Keep your back tight, shoulder blades pinched together and your legs stretched (you can bend your knees if you are not that stretchy).

Begin the movement slowly & repeat it for 12 / 10/ 8 times (3 sets)



While keeping the back as straight as possible, bend your knees, bend forward and grasp the bar. This will be the starting position of the exercise. Tip: If it is difficult to hold on to the bar with this grip, alternate your grip or use wrist straps.

While holding the bar, start the lift by pushing with your legs while simultaneously getting your torso to the upright position as you breathe out. In the upright position, stick your chest out and contract the back by bringing the shoulder blades back.

Go back to the starting position by leaning the torso forward at the waist while keeping the back straight. When the weights on the bar touch the floor you are back at the starting position and ready to perform another repetition.

Perform 3 sets (12/10/8 reps)



This machine is perfect for starters.

To perform your first pull-up requires a lot of strenght 😀

This machine helps you progress and do your pull-ups by yourself…step by step

-Follow machine instructions for set up and select desired weight. Grip the handles above your shoulders with palms facing outward. Straighten the arms and place knees or feet on the pad, so that your body is upright and abs are engaged.

EXHALE-Bend the elbows to lift your body up until chin is above the height of your hands.INHALE: Slowly straighten the elbows to lower to the start position to complete one rep.

3 sets (12/10/8 reps)

Remember that on this “assisted” machine, when the weight you choose is heavier, you’re lifting less of your body weight and the exercise is easier. When the weight you choose is lighter, you’re lifting more of your body weight and the exercise is harder. You can experiment with different grips (such as palms facing inward, hands closer, hands wider, etc).

4)Reverse Fly


Adjust the handles so that they are fully to the rear. Make an appropriate weight selection and adjust the seat height so the handles are at shoulder level. Grasp the handles with your hands facing inwards. This will be your starting position.

In a semicircular motion, pull your hands out to your side and back, contracting your rear delts.

Keep your arms slightly bent throughout the movement, with all of the motion occurring at the shoulder joint.

Pause at the rear of the movement, and slowly return the weight to the starting position.

3 sets (12/10/8 reps)

5)Hyper Extensions



Position thighs prone on padding. Hook heels on platform lip or under padded brace. Hold weight to chest or behind neck.

Raise upper body until hips and waist are fully extended. Lower body by bending hips and waist until fully flexed. Repeat.

3 sets (15/12/10 reps)






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