quality time at the St. Martins Therme

Good morning,beautiful people!

Did you have the chance to relax at the pool this weekend?

I just love when we have some free-time to escape for a few hours from the busy city-life.

Our FAV PLACE to break away from the treadmill of everyday life is the ST. MARTINS THERMEtherme-stm-summer-island-total-Resort-flugaufnahme

It’s a relaxing resort,in Burgenland,Austria.



1 hour away from Vienna you can find this beautiful resort.

I’m in love with it because it has several pools & a beach like area.

It’s the perfect mix!

A day ticket costs 30 € but it’s totally worth it!!!

If you’re spending your holidays in Austria…take a day off to relax at this beautiful place.


IMG_7371 IMG_7332 IMG_7396 IMG_7401 IMG_7476 IMG_7529 IMG_7447 IMG_7530 IMG_7531 IMG_7488 IMG_7515 IMG_7534 ts17IMG_7552 IMG_7556 IMG_7565 IMG_7566 IMG_7522 IMG_7520IMG_7558IMG_7563IMG_7518


I wish you all a short & wonderful week!



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