How are you doing?Are you ready for a lil surprise?:D


How do you like my new watch from  Filippo Loreti?

The brand might sound familiar to you from one of my previous posts:HERE

Well,we’ve teamed up once again and this time we came out with a lil surprise.

A -15% discount code for all my readers.(find the code at the end of the post)

I hope you’ll like this fresh look as much as I do….


As you already know…I love all white looks.

This time,the pop of blue gives my look this spicy freshness….don’tcha think?

P.S.Say good-bye to my ombre hair…..I have an appointment on friday…CAN’T WAIT TO GET THE MOST NEEDED CHANGE OF LOOK!!!:D

IMG_8360 IMG_8320 IMG_8374 IMG_8338 IMG_8337 IMG_8324 IMG_8381 IMG_8294 IMG_8355 IMG_8385


Filippo Loreti Watch:HERE

USE the code “anasfashionality” to receive -15% off of your purchase


Zara Jeans

Zara Sandals

Miu Miu Sunglasses

Muchos Lovos,



8 Comments on “white&blue”

  1. This is neat, informative and super simple. Highly recommended. I do not have much knowledge into fashion, your blogs help me know new things. I will surely recommend your blog to my female friends who want to try new things.

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