summer vibes

Summer vibes are good vibes and this song makes me swing my hips!

Finally a cool song with realistic lyrics haha

I’m totally emphatizing with the singer at the moment haha (I’m getting ready for work right now)

Enjoy the pics we took a few days ago in Schönbrunn.IMG_9121 IMG_9157

P.S. I wore these beautiful shoes without “them socks” &  now I have a “big,big auchie”….so kids….don’t wear shoes without socks or you’ll be in pain for a couple of days !!!:D

I’m still atoning for my sins 😦



Dior Shades

Zara Blouse

G-Star Jeans

Zara Shoes

H&M Purse

Zara Necklace

Happy FRI-YAY,errr’one!




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