Prague (DAY 1)

We’re back home from my birthday trip to  magical Prague….also knows as the Golden City.

After checking in into one of the best hotels that I’ve ever been to (Corinthia Hotel —> gonna tell you more about it in my next travel-journal entry) we decided to go out to explore the city.

2 stations away from our hotel was the amazing Wenceslas Square with its breath-taking view.IMG_0719

Just like on every other city trip before…we used the HOP-ON-HOP-OFF bus for the main sights.

It’s the easiest way to reach the best sights of a new city.

We bought the 48 hrs ticket …then it was time to do what surely every visitor to Prague does – walk across Charles Bridge.

Searching for a way to the bridge we discover an amazing little spot where you can enjoy the view of the crowded Bridge in peace and silence. The swans that were swimming around made the view even better.

I was pretty surprised that not more people were hanging out here.

The easiest way to get here from the Old Town is when you cross the Mánesuv Most and then directly turn left into a little park.

IMG_0733 IMG_0740 IMG_0746 IMG_0747 IMG_0755

Finally reaching the bridge…tons of tourists were waiting for us there haha

It was so crowded that we couldn’t even enjoy the  beautiful architecture.

However…artists and crafts people lined the bridge under the watchful gazes of the statues above them, selling their creations to passing tourists and all to the background sound of the rag time band that was playing at the eastern end.

IMG_0780 IMG_0771 IMG_0767 IMG_0764


After that…we got lost into the beauty of Prague.

The whole city is like a mysterious historic museum…it’s one of the oldest european cities,with its history reaching far back into the past.


IMG_0761 IMG_0729 IMG_0723 IMG_0805 IMG_0821 IMG_0798 IMG_0822 IMG_0825 IMG_0830 IMG_0833 IMG_0836 IMG_0839


It is much smaller and more walkable than I had imagined.

Prague is also architecturally beautiful throughout…not just the famous sights. Even the offices and apartment building are spectacular in that Parisian way.

Can’t wait to tell you err’thang about our 2nd day…MY BIRTHDAY:D

Yeah yeah…we celebrated my 25th birthday in Prague and I had an amazing experience.

Stay tuned!



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