Prague (DAY 2)

The second day in Prague was a very special day for me because it was MY 25th BIRTHDAY!!!

I couldn’t have chosen a better location to celebrate my birthday than PRAGUE!

We started the day with unpacking prezzies and having a yummy breakie-breakfastIMG_0852 IMG_0856

After gaining 4 pounds…we wanted to explore the city but this time—> on the water…on a ship!

We hit the road to find our sight-seing ship…damn RIGHT….a ship tour was included,too.

How awesome is that?

IMG_0912 IMG_0913 IMG_0920 IMG_0900IMG_0930 IMG_0932 IMG_0944

If you’re ever going to Prague…a SHIP TOUR IS A MUST!;D

The view was amazing….I couldn’t decide in which direction I should look haha

IMG_0955 IMG_0986 IMG_0995 IMG_1000 IMG_1035 IMG_1053 IMG_1054 IMG_1072 IMG_1075 IMG_1080

After a breath-taking ship tour we were hungry AF so we searched for a traditional restaurant and ended UP eating this :HAHA



The rest of the day we decided to walk through the city and visit some czech shops…there’s no such thing as a vacation without a lil SHOPPING tour….AM I RIGHT,GALS?!:D

IMG_1088 IMG_1096

The best place to go shopping in Prague is at the PALLADIUM MALL.

This mall is HUGE….it has over 5 floors and the opening hours are insane (9 a.m-10 p.m)

If you’re planning a shopping day…this is the place to be!:D

I was quite exhausted after wandering around the city for hours… we took a break in a sooper nice&pretty park in the OLD TOWN.

IMG_1121 IMG_1145 IMG_1157 IMG_1163 IMG_1167 IMG_1177 IMG_1186 IMG_1211 IMG_1223

Arriving back at our hotel…a HUGE SURPRISE WAS WAITING FOR US in our ROOM!

IMG_1238 IMG_1259 IMG_1261 IMG_1266

Corinthia’s Hotel staff surprised us with a bottle of champaign & some cupcakes to celebrate my B-DAY!

How cool is that?

My birthday was just perfect….we chinken glasses on the 25th floor with a view over the whole City:

IMG_1268 IMG_1271 IMG_1274

If Prague is on your bucket list,too…I totally recommend Corinthia Hotel for your stay.

It has a breath-taking view,sooper friendly staff,a pool & wellness area on the 25th floor and the next metro station is like literally 30 m away….

After spoiling ourselves with champaign and this view we had dinner at one of Corinthia’s restaurants.



All in all…I had a perfect birthday with the perfect person by my side.

I’m really blessed!D;

Thank you for all the birthday-wishes on FB,IG & BLOG!

I really appreciated every single wish!




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