weekend break at the pool

After working 4 days in a row…the perfect compensation is doing something positive for your body and soul.It will help turn your mood around.

When you smile, your body relaxes.


This weekend,we were invited at our family’s friends house.

Kevin’s mother called us to ask if we want to spend a few days at the pool’s house.

Our answer was:HELL YEAH!!!

We used to house-sit there a few years ago…when we were still in high-school with no jobs and a bunch of free-time.

We never appreciate the atmosphere…we were such spoiled lil brats haha

but NOW we enjoyed it to the fullest!!!

It was like a mini vacation for free.

I felt like I was in a wellness resort,far away from the city…

IMG_1520 IMG_1508 IMG_1550 IMG_1560 IMG_1734IMG_1590IMG_1575 IMG_1589 IMG_1596 IMG_1611 IMG_1620 IMG_1632 IMG_1633 IMG_1681  IMG_1782 IMG_1706 IMG_1707 IMG_1724 IMG_1778


IMG_1511 IMG_1515 IMG_1519 IMG_1527 IMG_1541



H&M Hat

Primark Sandals

Ray-Ban Sunnies

Bershka Bag

Do your body & soul a favor and take some time to relax.

Drive to a lake or to the sea and enjoy those moments to the fullest!


Muchos Lovos,


5 Comments on “weekend break at the pool”

  1. Very nice traps, Ms AnaMaria! Now get off that crazy diet and get yet booty back😁

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