Bucharest : Muzeul Satului

I’m back home from my romanian trip…I had so many lovely moments…I almost forgot how open-hearted the people in Romania are.


We landed last monday in Bucharest-Otopeni Airport.

We decided to spend a day in Romanian’s capital city (best decision ever).

We had the chance to visit this traditional museum:an amazing little village museum that has brought real traditional village houses to Bucharest.


It was a really hot day in and so we walked around mid-afternoon. There are plenty of trees to keep you cool, and a nice cafe for you to enjoy a drink for a break. There were hand crafts dotted around the area which make great tourist gifts if you wish- you can see the ladies making them in the shade of houses which was actually quite nice.

However, it’d be nice to have a map you can take around, as we were not sure if there was a set ‘path’ you should have followed.

IMG_1863 IMG_1880 IMG_1888 IMG_1889 IMG_1894 IMG_1898 IMG_1901 IMG_1905 IMG_1907 IMG_1917 IMG_1932 IMG_1936 IMG_1939 IMG_1940 IMG_1954 IMG_1956


The best way to visit the most important sights of Bucharest is to take the hop-on-hop-off bus.

We had a list with the things that we wanted to visit…and we didn’t even know that there was such a thing as a Sightseeing-Tour-Bus in Bucharest…we found out later after spending a lot of money on cabs 😦

Well,we soon found out that our list was way too long for just a day.

So…if you want to see everything without rush…you have to plan more than 2-3 days on your schedule.

Anyways….we were quite impressed by this museum so we decided to spend our next spring vacation on a road-trip to Maramures,Moldova and some parts of Ardeal.

I’m quite excited to see the REAL DEAL haha.

My impression about Bucharest?

Well…it’s a big city with people who are always in a hurry….the traffic is like CRAZEEEEY…nobody follows the traffic rules.(I almost had a heart attack haha) but the people are friendly and at night they seem to calm down a lil bit from their daily struggle.


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