a very special person…..

“bunica mea e o femeie cu argint in par si suflet de aur ”

“my grandma is a woman with silver in her hair and a soul of gold”

A grandma is someone who spoils you
and takes care of you when mama’s not near.
She’s always happy to see you
and brings plenty of hugs and kisses to share.
Helps you when your down.
Catches you when you fall.
She’ll brighten up you day,
even on the stormiest night.
She’ll tuck you in and read you a book,
till yours eyes grow heavy and tired.

IMG_2342 IMG_2349

This wonderful woman raised me till the age of 14teen.

She means the world to me!

I was so sad to say good-bye for another year…..

We tried to convince her to visit us this winter but even though she’s old…she’s stubborn as hell.

She won’t let her pets alone….

I think we have to kidnap her to get her to visit us haha

Speaking of pets….


I’m not really a cat lover but this little fellow kinda made it & stole my heart !

Before I get nostalgic…I’ll better show you the last pics of my vacation in Vama Veche.

IMG_2252 IMG_2288 IMG_2263 IMG_2266 IMG_2308 IMG_2309 IMG_2387 IMG_2440

First Bikini is from Victoria’s Secret SS ’14

Second Bikini is from Triangl


Happy monday!



12 Comments on “a very special person…..”

  1. Aww, ce postare draguta! Cres si eu ca bunica ta este incapatanata si nu vrea sa-si lase pisicile singure. Bunica mea nu vrea sa vina din Bucovina pana in Dobrogea, ce sa mai zic despre calatoriile in alte tari?
    Trebuie sa vii tu sa o vizitezi mai des ❀

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