long hair,don’t care…thanks to Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Just like any other girl….I’ve always dreamed of having nice,long thick hair , however my hair always made it impossible for me to let it grow longer than my current lenght

You can imagine how happy I was as Irresistible Me contacted me and asked if I wanted to try some of their hair extensions.

Irresistible Me sells two types of extensions : SILKY TOUCH (starting at 69 $) & ROYAL REMY (starting at 129$)

The Royal Remy line is higher quality, as it comes from one donor with virgin unprocessed hair, which is then dyed to match one of the 14 shades offered by Irresistible Me.

I went for the Royal Remy in 18″ in 200 g in Platinum Blonde.

The extensions came in a black box .Everything was well-packaged and the hair was secured pretty well.

The hair was extremely soft when I pulled it out of the packaging.


As I already said before…the extensions are available in a pretty impressive range of shades except ash-grey

I had to color them …to give them the same grey-ish shade as my natural hair.

After doing that (was pretty much work to do haha….) I clipped them in & decided to wear them CURLY 😀

They really blend in perfectly….I just love them ❤

I’m probably gonna wear these DAY IN DAY OUT haha

IMG_3127 IMG_3180 IMG_3168IMG_3223 IMG_3265

I am in love with the Irresistible Me hair extensions!

I love how easy it was to apply & to style them .I wore them all day and was so impressed that not even one slipped.

I highly recommend them to you! If you’re like me who misses playing with really long hair or simply want to look fancy on the weekends or want gorgeous long locks for a special occasion,CLIP-IN EXTENSTIONS are so much fun!

And that’s not all, these are also perfect if you have thin hair!!!

Plus, I can now go shorter if I want to because I know I can always rock long hair with these hair extensions!haha



Floral Blouse:HERE

Zara Jeans

Zara Sandals

Aldo Sunnies

Bershka Bag




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