Fashion month has officially started and seeing all these gorgeous street style outfits, make me feel sorry that I won’t be able to fly to Paris to see the fashion shows this season,

But who says that I can’t bring a touch of Paris to Vienna?:D



Mesh is the ultimate in bold chic – perfect for toughening up your outfits and adding an element of grunge styling to everything.

I mixed this beautiful hand-made mesh skirt to a military jacket et VOILÀ…the french flair was born.

It’s fun to conduct your own style experiments every now and then. Maybe you’ll discover something about yourself that you didn’t know before. Like how these heels make me feel like I can do anything!

IMG_3482 IMG_3570 IMG_3520 IMG_3525 IMG_3571 IMG_3569 IMG_3547 IMG_3478


Zara Jacket FW ’13 (look-a-like in black:HERE)

Mesh Skirt by Selin Gündüz (look-a-like:HERE)

Zara Sandals

Dior Sunnies

Zara Bag



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