over the roofs of Vienna

OCTOBER : a new exciting month filled with a lot of feelings.

Trying to make some decisions about the future.

Lots of feelings over here. Not all bad. Lots of changes and happy thoughts mixed in with some sadness, though more bittersweet as I know new beginnings are a step for all of us.This October is the start of a new chapter, so I’m embracing the feelings and going forth on my new adventure.


A lot of stuff is going on right now….exciting stuff….that’s why I allowed myself to take some time off from “blogging”.

But don’t worry…I’m gonna reveal all my secrets soon haha

Anyway…a few days ago I had the chance to shoot on an amazing rooftop.

Hope you’ll like the pics!

IMG_3895  IMG_3898 IMG_3927 IMG_3970 IMG_3847 IMG_3979 IMG_3983 IMG_3961  IMG_3902 IMG_3896


Primark Hat

Topshop Coat:HERE

Zara Jeans

Buffalo Boots:HERE

Wish you all a wonderful wednesday!




11 Comments on “over the roofs of Vienna”

  1. Am sperat ca nu la aia te referi,dar am intrebat deoarece nu am mai vazut sa fi pus poze cu voi:) oricum,ma bucur mult pentru tine

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