I love my nifty-fifty

PREPARE FOR A NEW ERA OF AMAZING PICTURES cuz I just bought myself the ultimate lens for street-style pics!

*I was listening to this song while I was editing my pics—>CLICK PLAY:D*

I’m talking about this lil fellow right here:


Ioana & Sorina recommended it to me and I’m really blown away by its skills.

I had been using the random zoom lense (18-55 mm) for two years now and the quality of the pictures was okay but I never got the desired bokeh effect.

The 50 mm f/1.8 II lense is 1000 times better than my old one.

This has been the best investment I have made so far.

And the best part is yet to come:IT WAS FREAKING CHEAP

I bought it for only 120€ :O

I’ve been doing some research and my final conclusion is that working with a prime lens helps you become a better photographer. It forces you to change your point of view to find the best image rather than just standing in the easiest spot and turning a ring.

Hope you’ll like the pics that we took today!:D

I love them!


Was I promising too much?!:D


Alexander Wang x H&M Beanie

Bomber Jacket:HERE

Zara Jeans

Timberland Boots:HERE

Bisous,lil bunnies!




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