shades of fall

My favorite color is OCTOBER


Fall is definitely one of my favourite seasons of the year (Spring is nice,too :D)

I love the splendor of the season β€” the spectacular scenery everywhere. The season bursts with beauty.

I love the burnished golden orange leaves …I love how the crunchy carpet of leaves rustle beneath my feet.

With all of the beautiful colors and scenery comes the perfect picture taking opportunities for those who love the art of photography.

What is your favorite season of the year?!:D

IMG_4685IMG_4691IMG_4719IMG_4698 IMG_4693 IMG_4736 IMG_4720 IMG_4758 IMG_4788 IMG_4750 IMG_4796


Lapel Dress:HERE

Zara Bag

Buffalo London Boots

I can’t help myself but share my fav snap that we took a few days ago

Hope you’ like it,too ! πŸ˜€


Happy fri-yay,dearies!




9 Comments on “shades of fall”

  1. E faina toamna ca este cea mai prietenoasa din punct de vedere vestimentar…poti sa mixezi la greu 😁
    Mama cum e blanita din ultima poza😍 To die for!
    Kiss, my dear

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