travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

I want to travel Europe with you and sleep at railway stations and drink cheap coffee and take photos at famous places and not so famous places…and I want to kiss you on pretty streets….


I want to get lost in big cities and walk until our feet hurt and we can’t walk anymore so we just sit down in the middle of nowhere and talk about how beautiful it is to be us.



Fabulous Fifties Spinner:HERE

Cupcake Sweatshirt:HERE

Coat designed by Selin Gündüz


Zara Pants

Freya Stores Sunnies:HERE

Nike Air Max


The suitcase from SuitSuit brings out a desire for new adventures in me.

I just can’t wait for my next trip to Germany with my new travel-buddy!


What’s your next travel destination?




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