fluffy and pink

Pastel shades are not just for fair weather, this season they take hold for winter too


Bad news for those whose sartorial tastes ar on the dark side haha

Forget all thoughts of dressing in shades of black and berry because this autumn/winter it’s sugary shades of bubblegum pink that are dominating the trends.

Pink is usually a colour associated with spring and it’s not hard to understand why; saccharine shades are far easier to get on board with when they go hand in hand with the season’s vibrant days.

I brought some pop of color at the Christmas Market in Schönbrunn-Vienna.

My outfit was an eye-catcher for sure…comparing to the rest of the people who were wearing nostalgic shades while drinking their punch.

I hope you’ll like this look as much as I enjoyed wearing it!:D

IMG_6250 IMG_6297 IMG_6305 IMG_6390 IMG_6439IMG_6423 IMG_6437 IMG_6363IMG_6341IMG_6312IMG_6323IMG_6329IMG_6369IMG_6292


Fluffy Faux Fur Coat:HERE

Zara Faux Leather Pants

Pink Timberlands:HERE

Chloe Sweater

Jord Watch:HERE

Pinky kisses,


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