OLAPLEX,the magic potion for colored hair <3

Is there any woman out there who doesn’t color their hair?

All those years of highlighting, dyeing and Brazilian blowouts took a big hit on my hair.

I’m not exactly the most loyal girlfriend to my hair experiments. In terms of hair color, I’ve begun to wonder if I’m capable of monogamy. My hair had been dyed black, then highlighted, then dyed red, then ombre’d and then finally dyed grey … all in less than one year’s time. My hair was a jungle of split ends and breakage.

Thank God for my sooper talented hairdresser Aret from Agopian Haute Coiffure (based in Vienna’s finest first district). He has saved my hair with a new salon treatment called Olaplex.


Olaplex is a bonding multiplier. (In non-hairdresser language, it bonds the broken strands in the hair so that they stay resilient and strong, even after a hair coloring session.) When Aret first told me about this salon treatment , I was so skeptical. How many times have we heard of miracle products that save your hair? EXACTLY!

But this stuff IS different.

When my stylist showed me a “before and after” picture showcasing the transformative results from his first attempt at using the product, I immediately stood at attention .

Here’s my total salon chair review of how it works.

IMG_6460 IMG_6466

Aret adds Olaplex to the color mixture itself.

IMG_6481 IMG_6484 IMG_6490IMG_6493IMG_6496IMG_6497

It’s mixed in and applied along with the highlights or haircolor.

Then, once the color is rinsed off, and after a shampoo, Aret applies the Olaplex Step 2.

He leaves it on my hair for a bit, rinses it out and then styles my hair as usual.

IMG_6505 IMG_6509 IMG_6515

The end result was a soft, shiny mane of hair, two to three levels lighter, with absolutely zero trace of any further breakage. As I was leaving my appointment, he gave me a bottle to use at home as a pre-shampoo treatment on a weekly basis. Since my appointment, I have experienced an increase in the improvement of my hair’s luster, texture and shine with the use of this product.

A big THANKS to ARET….he’s just the best at what he does!

If you wanna save your hair for any further damage….make an appointment ASAP and your worries will fade away…I PROMISE!:D


  • an Olaplex coloring session + haircut costs between 120 & 160 € (depending on the effort)
  • the Olaplex at Home Conditioning Treatment costs 55 € but it’s totally worth it!!!


I’m sooper happy about my new hair!I’m couting the days till my next Olaplex session!haha


Where to find Aret from Agopian Haute Coiffure?!


Official Page:HERE

Facebook Page:HERE

Instagram Page:HERE

IMG_6549 IMG_6564

How do you like my new hair color?!







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