WANTED : winter in Austria


All I want for Christmas is SNOW!!!

Here in Vienna we painfully miss the cold white powder…

As we are approaching the end of December there is still no sign of snow in Vienna.

The last days were foggy and grey, but it seems like the fog is going to dissappear soon, bringing some milder temperatures of around 10Β°C, in December!:(

One good thing about the last, foggy days was, that the colder temperatures gave a bit of christmassy feeling with all the decorations, lights and christmas markets.

There are at least plenty of christmas markets in Vienna, everywhere you go you can get some Punsch, hear Last Christmas and buy stuff no one really needs.

Are you going to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS?!

IMG_6867 IMG_6877 IMG_6819 IMG_6838 IMG_6841 IMG_6856 IMG_6947 IMG_6950 IMG_6945 IMG_6921 IMG_6966 IMG_6853 IMG_6953


Cozy Sweater:HERE

Zara High-Waisted Jeans (Vintage)

Zara Boots (Vintage)

Gloryfy Unbreakable Sunnies:HERE

I wish you all a Merry,Merry Christmas!

May all your prezzie wishes come true ❀

Muchos Lovos,


7 Comments on “WANTED : winter in Austria”

  1. Sa se-ntample o minune si sa ninga acolo, sa ai parte de Craciunul pe care ti-l doresti πŸ˜€
    Si in Romania e cald, slabe sanse sa ninga. Dar sigur o sa avem zapada de prin ianuarie pana in martie/aprilie. Deci nu e panica… Desi era frumos sa ninga de Craciun si sa se topeasca toata inainte de februarie :))

  2. Loved the cropped sweater! ❀ In NY, we should be having a white christmas, but sadly we're reaching tempts close to 70 degrees. Global warming at its finest. :/

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