2015 style recap

Happy new year,lovelies!

2016 has arrived and I’m sooo ready for a new chapter!:D

I had a turbulent entry into this new year.

We wanted to watch the fireworks show on the peak of a moutain.

The road was frozen and steep….as we were halfway up ,the wheels began spinning and we almost slipped backwards down the hill.

We had to turn around and go back down and it took us almost an hour for a 7 minute route because we had to drive as slowly as possible.

The car started rotating and we had to get out and push the car in a straight position.

The street was frozen…..it felt like on an ice rink….these only thing missing was our ice-scates.

I was scared as ef.

It felt like we were in a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE & a horror movie altogether.

THANK GOD WE’RE STILL ALIVE&thank KEVIN for his excellent driving skills.

How did you spend the last few moments of 2015?:D

Did you have a thrilling night?

ANYWAY…to complete the old chapter I wanted to post my highlights of last’s year.

A whole recap of my style in 2015.

Which month is your fav?!


img_9181 img_9296 (1)


img_0817 img_1034 img_9960 (1)


img_1508 img_1723img_2627



img_4618 img_4343


img_6560 img_6249 img_5266


img_8988 img_8077


img_0158 img_1434


img_2566 img_3263


img_3571 img_3714 img_3898


img_4323 img_4468 img_4691


img_5402 img_5496 img_5624 img_5824


img_6292 img_6724 img_6992

I wish you all the best for 2016



5 Comments on “2015 style recap”

  1. Happy new year, Ana! Wow, I wish I could click and share which ones were my favorite looks, but I like so many of them on you! I look forward to more wonderful fashion posts from you (of you) this year. Best wishes! ❤

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