Newsflash:winter is horrible

It’s all fun & games until winter comes and the wind gets trapped in between buildings and smacks you smooth across the face.

I don’t mean to sound moody but the freakin’ winter is exhausting me.

I was sick for a week because Kevin was nice enough to pass along his flu.

Now I’m feeling better but the winter apparently hates my guts,too.

I wanted to take some shots for my blog as I am behind schedule but today it felt like Hurricane Katrina arrived to Vienna.

It was so freaking windy that I almost got blown away by the wind.

My camera didn’t cooperate either….the focus didn’t work properly.

MAAAANNN….this last few days have been horrible.

I’m really counting the days until SPRING finally arrives.

Rihanna hates winter too…you can totally say by the look on her face haha

IMG_7464IMG_7434 IMG_7449 IMG_7458 IMG_7298 IMG_7348 IMG_7450 IMG_7468

Ahhhhnd….don’t worry…I had my winter jacket with me.

I just took it off for the few snaps


Burgundy Faux Leather Jacket:HERE

Rihanna T-Shirt:HERE

G-Star Jeans:HERE

G-Star Belt:HERE

Jeffrey Campbell Boots:HERE

How are you coming along with the freezing temperatures?!

Muchos Lovos,


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